Flint Ledge Estates Community Association, Inc.

Painting, Siding, and Roofing Shingle Color Guidelines*


*Article VI of the DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS states that no painting (or application of aluminum or plastic cladding or siding) shall be begun until approval is given by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has approved the colors and materials listed below to be used without the need for a request for variance.


To obtain approval, members must apply in writing to the Board of Directors for a variance to apply any color or material other than those detailed below. The Board of Directors shall have 30 days from receipt of the proposal to approve or disapprove the request for variance. If no response is given within 30 days, then the variance is considered as approved.


All paint colors listed below are Duron brand paints. You may choose to use a different brand of paint as long as its color is matched to the selected approved color. Shutters and doors must be the same color


Trim Colors

Paint, aluminum and vinyl capping colors to be used for each siding color on all gutters, downspouts, vents, bay windows, garage door and trim, around windows and any other areas not considered the shutters or door surface.


As of 1998, the original trim colors were discontinued and no longer permitted to be used when the trim next was painted. This requirement particularly applies in the Townhome area to the dark-colored gutters and downspouts whose color is no longer approved.


Original Siding Color

Certainteed Vinyl Capping

Alcoa Aluminum or Vinyl Capping

Duron Paint Color

(Weathershield satin)



Off-white/warm pink

Desert Tan (07)

Almond Smooth

Duron 8671W Burbury Beige




Desert Tan (07)

Almond Smooth

Duron 8672W Tequila



Light Green

Desert Tan (07)

Almond Smooth

Duron 8182W - Candlebark



Accent Colors

(To be used on the shutters and door surface only)

Duron Paint Color

(Weathershield Semi-Gloss)

Duron Product Number

Foxhall Green


Forest Green


Georgetown Green


Yorktown Brown


Chestnut Brown


Fairfax Brown




Farm House Red


Old Colonial Red



Shutters are: Cathedral Top Center Mullion Custom Louver


Replacement shutters may be purchased at:

Kohl Building Products

5833 Urbana Pike

Fredrick, MD 21704


FAX: 301-695-1049

Hours: 7:30-4:30 M-F only



Vinyl Siding Colors

The following Six and One-Half Inch (6.5") wide vinyl siding may be used for replacement of siding as long as all siding on the home is replaced at the same time. The color choices are restricted and associated with the original color of the aluminum siding. Please note that weathering of the original siding will make the finish faded and dusty. The original color is found on the siding where the siding has not been exposed to the sun and weather, for example under the shutters when the shutters are removed or where slats overlap.


Current appearance of 8"-wide Aluminum Siding*

Monogram Carolina Beaded from Certainteed

Silhouette Classic from Alcoa

Off-white/warm pink

Buckskin (41)

Light Maple (55)



Desert Tan (07)

Savannah Wicker (59)

Desert Sand


Light Green

Savannah Wicker (59)

Woodland Mist (77)



Cypress (42)


*The associated paint and/or vinyl cladding/capping color that must be used are provided in the Trim Colors table above.



Townhouse Roofing and Gambrel Shingle Replacement


The only approved replacement color for roofing and gambrel shingles in the Townhouse area is Cedar Brown from Certainteed styles XT25 or XT30. Any other color or style of shingles must be approved by the Board of Directors as a variance.


IMPORTANT: Townhouses in our development were constructed with defective Fire Resistant Treated (FRT) plywood underneath the shingles. Normally, a new layer of shingles can simply be installed over the original layer of shingles since the standard FRT plywood can support two layers. The defective FRT plywood originally installed on the Townhouse roofs cannot support the weight of a second layer of shingles. Therefore, when you replace the original shingles, you must remove the original layer of FRT plywood and install a new layer of FRT plywood as a base for the new shingles. Thereafter, the roof will support two layers of shingles.



Samples of the above colors are available from Brian Rogers at 2314 McCormick Road, from the Certainteed, Duron, or Alcoa websites, Duron Paint stores, or quality building supply stores.