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WELCOME !  WILLKOMMEN !  欢迎 ! (huān yíng)

This is the official site of the Rockville Sister City Corporation (RSCC) in Rockville, Maryland, representing a long-standing relationship between the people of Rockville, Maryland, and the people of Pinneberg, Germany.
The relationship was established in 1957.

Rockville is also in the process of developing a Friendship Relationship with the city of Jiaxing, China.

RSCC Welcomes Its New (and Returning) Members

New Corporate Member: Capital One Bank
Individual renewal: Claire Whitaker
New Individual Member: Sidney Katz
New Family Members:  Aimee and Mark Lawrence
New Family Members: Jen and Rob Bass

Thanks for your support of RSCC!

RSCC's Annual Dim Sum Luncheon
Over 40 people attended the Dim Sum Luncheon at the New Fortune Restaurant in the Walnut Hill Shopping Center on August 10th.  The Dim Sum meal has turned into an annual event for RSCC.

Enjoying some Dim Sum...

"Dim Sum" refers to a style of Chinese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions, traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates.  In a way, it could be compared to Spanish tapas.  RSCC has offered this activity to remind members and guests of Rockville’s relationship with our Friendship City, Jiaxing.

The foods offered seemed to be enjoyed by all, and certainly no one went home hungry!

The Annual RSCC Membership Meeting will be held Tuesday, September 23 at the Glenview Mansion

Please plan to attend !

Please plan to attend our Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday night, September 23rd, at the Glenview Mansion.

Minor changes to the By-Laws will be voted upon, and your vote will be important.  These recommended changes have been sent to you by mail or by e-mail.  If you have not received the changes to be voted on, please contact President Brigitta Mullican by phone at 301-230-0890 or by e-mail at RockvilleSisterCities@gmail.com.

The evening will start with a social gathering beginning at 6:30 pm.

The German-American Day Dinner is coming in October - save the date and make your reservations now!  Because of menu planning, NO walk-ins can be accepted.
Celebrate an important cultural event with the Rockville Sister City Corporation (RSCC).  Enjoy camaraderie and a tasty dinner with an international flair at the Mykonos Grill, 121 Congressional Lane, Rockville, on Sunday October 5, 2014 from 4:00 to 6:30 PM.

RSCC has planned this dinner to commemorate the founding of the first German settlement in the United States at Germantown, Pennsylvania in the mid-1660's.  These European immigrants and their descendants have been a vital part of America for three and a half centuries.

Dinner is $40 per person; reservations must be paid for by October 1.  A four course dinner includes an appetizer sampler, salad, choice of five entrees: salmon, chicken mavrodaphne, vegetarian platter, roast leg of lamb or a combination platter and dessert.  There will be a cash bar and there is ample parking on-site.

To pay by credit card please call Gabriele Williams on 301-294-0222 and mention German-American Day Dinner and also give your entree selection.  A flyer for the dinner may be found on the Rockville Sister City website.  Make checks payable to “RSCC”, and send to RSCC, c/o Rockville City Hall, 111 Maryland Ave., Rockville, MD  20850.

Rockvillians and Pinnebergers Take German Cruise/Cycle Tour
by Denny Freezer, RSCC Director

In late July a group of bicyclists from Rockville and our Sister City of Pinneberg set out on a variation of our “Best Vacation Ever”, the Baltic Riviera Tour of 2011. This time Heide Bethke proposed an 8-day “Cruise/Cycle thru the Spree Forest”, in the vicinity of Berlin and Potsdam.  We quickly accepted and many of the same group from 2011 converged on Pinneberg and met up with their host families.  Linda and I spent a few days with our close friends Reimer and Inge Eck and even snuck in some training rides for the bike tour!  On Friday July 25th we all got together for a send-off party at the lovely home of Frau Erika Wupperman.

Our Rockville group consisted of Linda and me, Tom and Sherri McKenna, Gary and Betsy Thompson, Norm and Gerri Hampton, and Bill Michie.  Jim and Lorine Coyle had initially planned to go, but had to back out when it became clear that the trip would conflict with the birth of their grandchild.

And our Pinneberg group included Reimer und Inge Eck, Bernd und Ingeborg Hinrichs, Jurgen und Irmi Kleinhans, Hans-Dietmar und Heide Bethke, Hans-Peter und Angelika Schulze, and the couple who graciously stepped in to fill Jim and Lorine’s spot: Detlef und Ruth Gorlitz.

On Saturday July 26th we headed for Berlin/Spandau by high-speed train, and it was just a short walk to board the 41-meter (135-foot) MS
Mecklenburg.  Our group from Rockville and Pinneberg filled all 11 cabins on the Mecklenburg, so with the exception of the 4 crew-members we were all friends.  The crew quickly became friends also, as we began a series of bike tours coordinated with movements of the boat.  The day we boarded we journeyed on the boat along the Spree River, and quickly discovered that if you were sitting on the elevated deck on the stern you had better be ready to duck quickly as we went under numerous bridges and some allowed very little clearance!

Dinner on our first night was fabulous, with cleverly folded napkins - done differently for every subsequent dinner - and an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert, which were all artistically presented and absolutely delicious.  This was true every evening, and our only possible complaint was that, although the cabins were air conditioned, the rest of the boat was not, and some nights were pretty warm during dinner.  But the crew prepared fantastic meals in a very small kitchen, and the service was outstanding. Many of us explored Berlin by foot again after dinner.

Day 2: As on all subsequent days, we started with a hearty breakfast, then packed lunch from the buffet set out for us.  Today we had an all-day tour of Berlin led by a professional guide.  The guide led us by bike, so he was sensitive to issues such as getting us all across intersections, and keeping us out of the way of others when we stopped.  Anyone who has never seen the flow of bikes, pedestrians, and cars in Germany (and in some other European countries) would be amazed to see how orderly it can be!  We saw many interesting and historic sites, ranging from the horror of Hitler’s Bunker to the very moving Holocaust Memorial, also known as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.  And we saw many government buildings including the
Reichstag (home of the Bundestag) and its Dome.  We had reservations for the roof terrace and Dome, and we borrowed audio-guides which tracked our movement through the Dome and made comments appropriate to the panoramic view we had of Berlin as we moved along.  After the tour and dinner many of us walked around again, and some found a multi-media presentation on the recent history of Germany, projected in a beautiful setting on the outside wall of the Reichstag Building.

Day 3: We started the day on the Mecklenburg as she repositioned early in the morning, and during this time we re-learned the lesson from the first day about ducking quickly.  Linda and Gerri were on the fantail deck talking when one of the crew came running back after suddenly realizing we were ready to go under a very low clearance bridge.  Luckily Gerri was facing forward, and just in time, she yelled to get down, and she and Linda “hit the deck” to avoid being clobbered by the bridge.  Several times during the week we saw another similar riverboat which was obviously higher out of the water than ours, but its superstructure was able to fold down for low clearances.  After docking, we followed with our longest biking day, a total of 50 km or 31 miles, which took us to many beautiful sights as we cycled to the spectacular town of
Köpenick.  And we were slowed for a while by our only mechanical breakdown of the week, when Hans-Peter had a flat - on the rear wheel of his bike of course since that makes repair more difficult.  This was also the first of two days where we fit a swim stop into the festivities.

Our home away from home

Our guide describes the Führer's Bunker

Socializing near our bikes


Preparing for a low clearance

Who has the tire patch kit?

One of many low bridges

Another fantastic dinner

Punting in Lübben

Day 4: We awoke to a heavy rain, with the bikes still on the dock, but most of the day was rain-free for riding, as we continued to Königs Wusterhausen, which I’ve subsequently learned is often and very conveniently called “KW” locally!  After we rendezvoused with the boat, many took an additional ride to tour the Schloss Königs Wusterhausen.  A circus was set up next to the boat but was not yet open to visitors.  And in the evening, Hans-Peter and Angelika celebrated their anniversary by buying champagne for all!

Day 5: We took an hour bus ride to Lübbenau, then biked to L
übben and enjoyed a ride through the lovely canals on a guided barge propelled by punting, similar to those in Venice.  Meanwhile the Mecklenburg had repositioned and we met up again in Schlepzig.  Dinner that evening was a whole sea trout, and luckily for Linda and me, Tom McKenna was able to show us how to carefully peel the meat and skin from one side starting at the tail, then pull the spine and bones, removing nearly all at once.  From there we peeled the remaining meat from the skin on the other side.  Absolutely wonderful meal!

Day 6: The Mecklenburg repositioned through Lichterfelde to Potsdam and actually passed us as we made a short stop while cycling along a very narrow path on the bank of the canal.  Riding involved several opportunities to carry our bikes up and down stairs as we crossed various canals.  After we met up with the boat again, Linda and I did some additional riding with Reimer and Inge as we did some preliminary explorations of Potsdam
Sanssouci.  I also received a tour of the Mecklenburg’s bridge and engine room given by the captain/engineer.

Day 7: We again met our professional guide from Day 2 and he led us to and explained many sights of Potsdam.  Of particular interest were the palaces of Frederick the Great (we bought tickets for an afternoon tour of the Sansoucci Palace), the Brandenburg Gate, and the Schloss Cecilienhof (Cecelienhof Manor) which served as the location of the Potsdam Conference at the end of World War II.  Our later tour of the interior of the Sansoucci Palace was another highlight of the day.  And in the evening, Reimer treated us all to champagne to celebrate his birthday coming up on Saturday!

Day 8: On Saturday August 2nd we packed up and walked back to the Berlin/Spandau train station.  Most of our group headed back to Hamburg and Pinneberg, where they had a celebration party on Sunday evening, then scattered in various directions after that.  Linda and I spent another night in Berlin, then took a train to Szczecin, Poland and spent two nights, then Munich by train for another two nights, before returning home.  But we all have fabulous memories of our trip and especially of spending time with our wonderful friends from our Sister City relationship.

Great company, fantastic meals, terrific biking and sightseeing, and numerous visits to Biergartens combined to make for a very memorable adventure.  We biked a total of approximately 210 km (130 miles) in our six days of riding.

So is there a new “Best Vacation Ever”? Better call it a draw!

"The picture I've attached has nearly everyone from Rockville and Pinneberg, along with the boat captain (left front in the blue shirt)."  Denny Freezer


Pinneberger Tageblatt - August, 8, 2014
Pinneberg’s America-Friends Show Colors

by Andreas Daebler (original in German); (Translation - Rotraut Bockstahler)

Pinneberg lives its commitment to the German-American friendship: For 57 years members of the Sister City Association have promoted and developed the partnership with Rockville, Maryland.  Most recently, visitors from Rockville joined their German friends on a bicycle tour through Berlin, Germany.  Jürgen Kleinhans (photo) took responsibility for attaching the appropriate decor to the bicycles.  For this coming Fall, Pinneberg is preparing to host a group of visitors from the Rockville Fire Department.  And currently with great anticipation, Pinneberg students are packing their suitcases for their annual exchange trip to Rockville.

Friendship Does Not Know Borders

Student exchange, bicycle tour, hosting the Fire Department: for the partnership between Pinneberg and Rockville, 2014 is a good year!

Photo taken at the Center of Power, Berlin: Members of the German American Association together with their friends from the other side of the Atlantic during their visit of the Kanzleramt (Angela Merkel’s office building) at the seat of government in Berlin, Germany.

The Sister City partnership is energized by dedicated volunteers.  Their ideas.  And making the ideas become reality.  Bernd Hinrichs knows that very well.  He is president of the German American Association since 2006 and assures that the connection between Pinneberg and Rockville flourishes.  For him, 2014 is a special year: “Unbelievable, our friendship continues to intensify”, he says.

One example is the trip of American students to Pinneberg. Boys and girls from Rockville visited Germany in mid summer.  October is the month for a return visit in Rockville.  Students from the Theodor-Heuss-School will fly across the Atlantic.  The visit of the Rockville Fire Department in Pinneberg is scheduled for the beginning of September.  Hinrichs & Co, including the Pinneberg Fire Department, will be offering a great program to their guests.

Bernd Hinrichs reports about a multiple-day bicycle tour with enthusiasm.  21 bicycle fans from both partner cities recently went to Berlin, the capital of Germany. “After long months of planning”, as Hinrichs emphasizes, “and our Rockville friends bringing unique Bike Shirts for everyone in their luggage” we visited the Kanzleramt, Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Köpenick and the Sanssouci Castle.  Our American visitors have taken back a multitude of impressions.


In best spirits after a refreshing swim in the Müggle Lake close to Berlin.

Where are we going? Ingeborg Hinrichs (left), Heide Bethke and Reimer Eck are about to find out.

For an amazing 57 years Pinneberg and Rockville have maintained a meaningful and intense friendship.  The initiators were former mayors Henry Glissmann (SPD) and Dickran Hovsepian.  The German-American Association Rockville-Pinneberg, founded in 1984, is under the leadership of Bernd Hinrichs since 2006.  The Pinneberg City leadership has dedicated a Rockville Room at City Hall.  The corresponding organization in Rockville was founded in 1983 under the name of Rockville Sister City Corporation.

For 2017 dedicated committees on both sides of the Atlantic are already very busy planning the 60th anniversary celebration of our great Sister City Partnership.  “Plans are to send 60 Pinneberg citizens to Rockville - and in return host 60 visitors from Rockville”, according to Hinrichs.

The Fall Wine Tasting will be at the Glenview Mansion - Friday, November 7

(Details coming soon - Save the date!)

Want to become a Director of the RSCC Board?

The City of Rockville has four vacancies to fill on the RSCC Board between now and the September Annual Meeting.  If you would like to become involved in the activities and operations of RSCC, call President Brigitta Mullican at 301-230-0890 for more details.  We gladly seek your recommendations and ideas; put them into action by becoming a Director.

Photo Sale!

Photos from the recent Pinneberg Fotokreis exhibit at the Rockville Senior Center during October 2013 were generously offered to the Rockville Sister City Corporation by our friends in Pinneberg for sale to enthusiasts and those who appreciate fine photography.

Each photo is matted and ready for framing - a fine addition to your living room or den - and your purchase is fully tax-deductible as a donation to Rockville Sister City Corporation (a 501(c)(3) entity).

All photos are approximately 15-1/2 x 11-1/2 inches; matted at ~ 20 x 16 inches

For pricing and more details, please click here

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Paid members of RSCC are eligible for a discounted annual rate of $17.95 (vs regular subscription rate for one year - 6 issues - of $24.95) when subscribing to German Life Magazine.  Here is the form you should use:

German Life is a high-quality, highly interesting magazine about life and culture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  We hope you will take advantage of this extraordinary offer, as part of your membership in the Rockville Sister City Corporation.

For a preview of German Life magazine go here:  http://GermanLife.com

Travel and Hosting Opportunities

Rockville residents are urged to include Pinneberg on their itinerary whenever traveling in Europe. The Rockville Sister City relationship is very well known in Pinneberg, and you are bound to receive a special welcome when you mention Rockville.

Frequently, students and other visitors from Pinneberg seek short-term accommodations in Rockville.  Residents who are interested in hosting visitors from our Sister City Pinneberg or our Friendship City Jiaxing are encouraged to volunteer.

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To find out more about the Rockville Sister City Corporation, please contact

Rockville Sister City Corporation
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or  RSCC Information Line at (240) 314-5029
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