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(Updated: August 12, 2015)

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60th Anniversary - 2017 !

For an amazing 58 years Pinneberg and Rockville have maintained a meaningful and intense friendship.  The initiators were former mayors Henry Glissmann (SPD) and Dickran Hovsepian.  The German-American Society Rockville-Pinneberg, founded in 1984, is under the leadership of Bernd Hinrichs since 2007.  The Pinneberg City leadership has dedicated a Rockville Room at City Hall.  The corresponding organization in Rockville was founded in 1983 under the name of Rockville Sister City Corporation.

WELCOME !  WILLKOMMEN !  欢迎 ! (huān yíng)

This is the official site of the Rockville Sister City Corporation (RSCC) in Rockville, Maryland, representing a long-standing relationship between the people of Rockville, Maryland, and the people of Pinneberg, Germany.
The relationship was established in 1957.

Rockville is also in the process of developing a Friendship Relationship with the city of Jiaxing, China.

FOR 2015


Please do it now.  Do it here.

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RSCC held another Dim Sum event on Sunday, August 9, 2015.  Once again it was at the New Fortune Restaurant in Gaithersburg.  As occurred at last year's Dim Sum, everyone again experienced a great meal with many varieties to sample.

Thanks to all members and guests for attending, and for helping us with this fund-raising activity.   And thanks to RSCC Director Bing Huang and the folks at New Fortune for making it happen!

Everyone get enough to eat?

REMINDER: Brigitta Mullican has stepped down as RSCC President

Any RSCC member interested in serving as RSCC President should contact Jack Rodgers or Chris Malone immediately at RockvilleSisterCities@gmail.com


On July 17, 2015 the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center hosted a presentation party for an RSCC delegation at CCACC's main building in Gaithersburg.  RSCC Board Members Liz Von Kaenel, Brigitta Mullican, Bing Huang and Jack Rodgers presented officials from CCACC with a check for $100 to help support the Youth Dragon Dance Team.  The Dance Team has been marching with RSCC in many previous Memorial Day parades in Rockville, as an adjunct to Rockville's Friendship City in Jiaxing, China.  This year RSCC was awarded a $100 prize as Parks & Rec's "favorite unit", and Director Von Kaenel suggested the money be transferred to the Dance Team for its efforts.   CCACC also generously presented each RSCC representative with a small "goodie-bag" of useful items.  (Please double-click on the photos to read more.)


This year's Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 24, 2015 (instead of Tuesday the 22nd).  The meeting will be from 7:30 pm until 9 pm in the Conservatory of the Glenview Mansion, 603 Edmonston Drive, Rockville.  A review of RSCC's activities over the past year will be presented.

by Liz von Kaenel

At 7pm, Monday August 31st, the German film "Wings of Desire" (with English subtitles) will be shown at Montgomery College's Parilla Performing Arts Center.  The event is free of charge.

Set in West Berlin, two angels roam the city unseen and unheard by its human inhabitants, observing and listening to their diverse thoughts.  The film is also a meditation on Berlin's past, present, and future.  Wim Wenders won in Cannes as the best director,1987 and the Grand Prix by the Belgium Film Critics' Association, l988.  Siskal and Ebert gave the film two thumbs up.

Hope to see you there.


"Last night (August 6, 2015) Battalion Chief Hinde, Captain Ader, & EMT Hinde made a presentation behalf of the officers and members of the RVFD to Wehrführer (Fire Chief) Claus Köster and the members of the Feuerwehr Pinneberg.  The presentation at Pinneberg Fire Headquarters included a letter inviting our good friends from Germany to our 95th Anniversary Awards Banquet in April of 2016.  Since 1992 the RVFD and Feuerwehr Pinneberg have had a strong relationship formed through the Rockville Sister City Corporation.  Throughout the last 3 decades countless friendships have been forged during many departmentally organized and personal visits back and forth between the US & Germany.  We look forward to continuing to learn from one another & our lasting friendship with the members of Pinneberg."


"Big surprise at yesterday’s training night.  Fire chief Claus Koester was happy to welcome three fellow fire fighters from the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department at our headquarters.  Since many years there is a close relationship between the volunteer fire departments of the sister cities Rockville and Pinneberg, tightened by regular visits and starting point for numerous personal friendships."


Sunday, October 4, 2015, RSCC will once again have a dinner in observance of German-American Day.  The venue will again be The Mykonos Grill in Rockville.  The cost will again be $45 per person, which includes a $5 fundraiser/donation for RSCC.  Click here or on the flyer to the right (-->) to download your reservation form.  Contact Gerrie Checkon for more info at 301-279-0708.

German-American Day is a holiday in the United States, observed annually on October 6.  The holiday, which celebrates German American heritage, commemorates the date in 1683 when 13 German families from Krefeld, near the Rhine, landed in Philadelphia.  These families subsequently founded Germantown, Pennsylvania, the first German settlement in the original thirteen American colonies.  Originally known under the rubric of "German Day," the holiday was celebrated for the first time in Philadelphia in 1883, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the settlers from Krefeld; and similar celebrations developed later in other parts of the country.  The custom died out during World War I as a result of the anti-German sentiment that prevailed at the time.  The holiday was revived in 1983.

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed October 6 as German-American Day to celebrate and honor the 300th anniversary of German American immigration and culture to the United States.  On August 6, 1987, Congress approved S.J. Resolution 108, designating October 6, 1987, as German-American Day.   It became Public Law 100-104 when President Reagan signed it on August 18.  A proclamation (#5719) to this effect was issued October 2, 1987, by President Reagan in a formal ceremony in the White House Rose Garden, at which time the President called on Americans to observe the Day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.  [Wikipedia]


The 7th Jiaxing International Cartoon Biennale will be held in late October this year in Jiaxing.  Please find more details in the attachment.  The Invitation is in both English and Chinese versions.

Jiaxing has launched an international cartoon competition with submitted works to be received no later than October 2015.  There are two components to the program.  One is a themed approach for the applicant to draw a cartoon to depict a "My Dream" concept, and the second entry can be on any subject the applicant wishes.

If there is anyone interested to take part in this, please let RSCC know.


Tentatively, 30 representatives from Pinneberg will arrive in Rockville for 5-7 days in early May 2017.
Rockville will send 30 representatives to Pinneberg for 5-7 days in late May/early June 2017.

We hope that you will not only be interested in attending our 60th anniversary in Pinneberg, but that you will also consider being a host for our Pinneberg friends when they come to Rockville.

We are seeking input from RSCC members in two areas:

1) What would be new and exciting places to take our Pinneberg guests in and around Rockville/DC? and  2) What would be places in and around Pinneberg and/or Hamburg that folks from Rockville would like to visit? (The Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg should easily qualify for a spot in #2: http://www.miniatur-wunderland.de/ )

Please send your ideas, comments, and/or desires (including your interest in journeying to Pinneberg) to us at RockvilleSisterCities@gmail.com 

Let's make this coming Anniversary (one of the longest partnerships in Sister City history) something special!

* In addition, DAGRP plans to sponsor another "USA East Coast Tour" (with a stopover in Rockville of 2-3 days) in October 2017.  Although accommodations will most likely be in a Rockville hotel, we will plan various activities for our friends while they are here.

Do you have suggestions, or can you help plan for the upcoming anniversary?  If so, contact us at RockvilleSisterCities@gmail.com

List of Suggested Things to Do - Rockville/Pinneberg 60th
Things need to be fairly close by, not too expensive, fun/interesting, and not too strenuous - planning needs to start now
- suggest something!
Historic Peerless Bldgs - Wire Hardware, B&O Station, etc - coordinate with Peerless http://www.peerlessrockville.org/
Local Tech/Biotech Companies - Coordinate w/REDI, RV Science Center, etc http://www.rockvillesciencecenter.org/
Udvar-Hazy Museum https://airandspace.si.edu/visit/udvar-hazy-center/
Baltimore Inner Harbor - Aquarium, Science Center, Lunch http://baltimore.org/article/baltimore-inner-harbor
Front Royal Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (in conjunction with a visit to Front Royal, A picnic in the GW Forest, and a wine tasting in Virginia) Phone: 540.635.6500    Email: SMconservation@gmu.edu
Visit to St Michaels, MD or similar (Crab Feast) http://www.stmichaelsmd.org/
Bike Trip (10K or less)  
DC Tour via Seg-Way http://www.capitalsegway.com/?gclid=CLy-m_mS-cUCFUyPHwod2rgANQ#/?playlistId=0&videoId=0
Amish Country Tour (Eyre or Similar) http://fieldtripmaker.com/
DC by Night http://www.grayline.com/tours/washington-dc/dc-after-dark-5889_9/  
National Trolley Museum http://www.dctrolley.org/
Gettysburg Battleground - Ike Farm - Cozy Restaurant - Fire Fighter Memorial, etc (round trip w/lunch) http://www.nps.gov/eise/index.htm
Blues and Jazz Club - Bethesda http://www.bethesdabluesjazz.com/
Visit the Naval Academy, Annapolis http://www.usna.edu/homepage.php
Tour Frederick, Schifferstadt Museum  & Covered Bridges http://www.frederickcountylandmarksfoundation.org/fclf_schiffgen.html
Heurich House - DC  / German Embassy / Dumbarton House, etc http://www.heurichhouse.org/
Western Maryland RR - Cumberland MD http://www.wmsr.com/?gclid=CNruguGb-cUCFVUWHwodnH8AVw
Model Train Wunderland - Hamburg http://www.miniatur-wunderland.com/
Hamburg Auswanderungs Museum - Ballinstadt http://www.ballinstadt.net/BallinStadt_emigration_museum_Hamburg/Welcome.html
Nearby Arboretum - Ellerhoop or similar http://www.arboretum-ellerhoop-thiensen.de/
Visit to Bremen? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bremen
Watt Wanderung? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mudflat_hiking
Spargelessen? http://www.niedersachsen-tourism.com/
Bike trip?  (10K or less)  
Jazz Boat or Club Hans Georg knows the one
Hamburger Dom ? http://english.hamburg.de/hamburg-events/290760/hamburg-hamburgs-dom-english/
Hamburg Hafen Tour http://europeforvisitors.com/hamburg/articles/sightseeing-boats-harbor-tours.htm
Airbus Factory tour http://www.airbus.com/company/aircraft-manufacture/how-is-an-aircraft-built/
Planten und Blomen (by Night) http://plantenunblomen.hamburg.de/
Hamburg - Fischmarkt (very early) http://english.hamburg.de/museums-attractions-hamburg-en/295006/fischmarkt-hamburg-elbe-english/

News  & Notes

The Rockville Science Center is offering to provide tours, etc., of local science, technology and nature facilities for visitors coming to Rockville.  This would also be a great opportunity for RSCC members to learn about technology in Rockville.  If you have a suggestion for a tour or visit, please let us know and we will try to arrange things.

Our Sister City - Pinneberg

Our Friendship City - Jiaxing


Paid members of RSCC are eligible for a discounted annual rate of $17.95 (vs regular subscription rate for one year - 6 issues - of $24.95) when subscribing to German Life Magazine.  Here is the form you should use:

German Life is a high-quality, highly interesting magazine about life and culture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  We hope you will take advantage of this extraordinary offer, as part of your membership in the Rockville Sister City Corporation.

For a preview of German Life magazine go here:  http://GermanLife.com

Travel and Hosting Opportunities

Rockville residents are urged to include Pinneberg on their itinerary whenever traveling in Europe. The Rockville Sister City relationship is very well known in Pinneberg, and you are bound to receive a special welcome when you mention Rockville.

Frequently, students and other visitors from Pinneberg seek short-term accommodations in Rockville.  Residents who are interested in hosting visitors from our Sister City Pinneberg or our Friendship City Jiaxing are encouraged to volunteer.  Contact RSCC at RockvilleSisterCities@gmail.com

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Corporate Sponsors - Calendar Year 2015
The Rockville Sister City Corporation gratefully wishes to acknowledge the following Corporate Sponsors.
(Sponsor since...)
Please remember our Sponsors in your shopping and professional travels.


Nexus Holidays DC  -  Xiaosheng Bi, Owner

932 Hungerford Drive  #7A, Rockville MD  20850
Phone: (301) 917-2222 • 1 (800) 919-8041 •  Fax: (301) 917-2240


City of Rockville, Maryland - POC: Laura Creech

111 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD  20850




Westat Inc. - Bruce Romer, Contact BruceRomer@Westat.com

1600 Research Blvd, Rockville, MD  20850
Phone:  301-294-3830   


 The JBG Companies
Fishers Place and Twinbrook Metro

5635 Fishers Lane, Suite 0200, Rockville, MD  20852
Phone:  301-468-0200     http://www.JBG.com


Sigy's Service Center - BMW Specialist
Contact:  sigysbmw@aol.com

110 Crabb Ave., Rockville, MD  20850
Phone:  301-881-6725     


Law Office of Thomas K. Brown, LLC

22 West Jefferson Street Suite 401, Rockville, MD  20850

Phone:  1-888-783-9180    



International Travel Consultants

POC: Gabrielle Williams
1010 Rockville Pike #401, Rockville, MD 20851

Phone: (301) 294-0222


Rockville Economic Development, Inc.

Laurie Boyer, Executive Director
95 Monroe Street, Rockville, MD  20850

Phone: 301-315-8096     http://rockvilleredi.org


Rockville Volunteer Fire Department
Serving the citizens of Rockville for over 90 years

PO Box 1547, Rockville, MD  20849

Phone:  301-424-0310     http://rvfd.org/ 


Kiwanis Club of Rockville, Inc.
Rockville, MD  20849-1401

POC: John Tyner  Tyner@Taliesan.com

Phone:  301-168-2146     http://www.kiwanisrockville.8m.net/index.html



Richard Gottfried CPA, LLC

Tax Returns for Businesses, Individuals and Trusts

richgott3@verizon.net     Phone: 301-762-5182



B. F. Saul Co.

POC: Todd Pearson   Todd.Pearson@bfsaulco.com

7501 Wisconsin Avenue - Suite 1500E - Bethesda, MD  20814
Phone:  301-986-6000     http://www.bfsaul.com/


David Johnston - Senior Financial Advisor
Managing Director - Investments

7901 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: 301-230-5734 | 800-777-3664    Fax: 301-907-2062



Renewable Energy Corporation

7 W. Aylesbury Road, Suite H
Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093
Phone: (410) 560-9032     http://renewableenergysolar.net/


Rockville Sister City Corporation
Rockville City Hall
111 Maryland Avenue
Rockville, MD  20850-2364

or  via E-mail: RockvilleSisterCities@gmail.com

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