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WELCOME !  WILLKOMMEN !  欢迎 ! (huān yíng)

This is the official site of the Rockville Sister City Corporation (RSCC) in Rockville, Maryland, representing a long-standing relationship between the people of Rockville, Maryland, and the people of Pinneberg, Germany.
The relationship was established in 1957.

Rockville is also in the process of developing a Friendship Relationship with the city of Jiaxing, China.

Spring Wine Tasting was a Fundraising Success

Thanks to all those who attended our event on March 28.   We greatly appreciate your patronage.  If you have comments or suggestions about how to improve these semi-annual events, please contact our Project Lead, Jack Rodgers

Photos from the event can been seen here: https://winetastingsilentauction2014.shutterfly.com/4

Another China Tour is in the Works !

Scheduled for September 2014,
take a look at the prospectus here.
A very best tour in both price and quality!

Best price if you register by April 30th, 2014

Time is running out - make your reservations now!

It is the Year of the Horse

Artwork by Bing Huang (click on item to expand)

RSCC has a new Newsletter Editor !

Drew Powell, RSCC Director, has volunteered to take over Newsletter responsibilities.  Thanks, Drew, for taking charge of this important factor in RSCC's membership world.

Frühlingsfest !
Saturday, April 26th

The Heurich House, also known as the Brewmaster's Castle, is a Gilded Age mansion in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington D.C.

The house, built in 1892-94 by architect John Granville Meyers and commissioned by German immigrant and Brewer Christian Heurich.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The first two floors of the house are preserved, and include most of the original furnishings.  In 1956, Heurich's widow deeded the house to the Historical Society of Washington, D.C..

The Heurich House is now sponsoring a "Spring Festival" on Saturday, April 26th from 1-4pm (Adults $20; Children $5)

Details are at:  http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=e318b1b60c6988928f240bf1a&id=44345d7e32&e=6bd4eed138

The Heurich House is located at 1307 New Hampshire Avenue N.W., near the Dupont Circle metro stop.  (202) 429-1894

The Friendship Peony Garden at Glenview Mansion is expected to be in bloom soon.  Watch your e-mail for an alert as soon as we receive it from the City of Rockville.


Want to become a Director of the RSCC Board?

The City of Rockville has two vacancies to fill on the RSCC Board, and the Board itself has one vacancy to fill between now and the September Annual Meeting.  If you would like to become involved in the activities and operations of RSCC, call President Brigitta Mullican at 301-230-0890 for more details.  We gladly seek your recommendations and ideas; put them into action by becoming a Director.

Interesting Tidbits on a German Easter by Hans Georg Beplat, former DAGRP President

Easter was the spring god of the old Germans called Ostera (engl. Eostrae).  In many countries it is called Pasha Fest.  Because of spring and light, we Germans have the habit of making big fires in the fields.  The idea is to burn the winter away and to welcome the light of springtime.  There is also a practical reason for these fires.  It is the easiest way to get rid of all the branches of the trees that are trimmed in spring.  There are many fires around Pinneberg at this time of year.  Young men engage in competition to see who can make the biggest Easter fire.  They collect the wood ahead of time and they hide it away until the time for the fires.  They also protect it so that boys from other villages don’t come and take it for their fires.  In some areas they combine the Easter fires with open air parties where you can get sausages and beer…..

In many gardens around the area you also find trees decorated with Easter eggs and in the homes there are branches with colored Easter eggs hung from them.

Some people play a game called “Osterei pitchen oder ditchen” (a slang expression) where two people take hard boiled eggs and they throw the eggs against each other.  The person whose egg is cracked loses the game.  It is played over and over again and children, especially, love to play it.

We also have an interesting tradition at Eastertime called Eierabend.  On Holy Saturday the family gets together for a special dinner at which only eggs and potato salad are eaten.  The eggs are served in three different ways: boiled, fried and scrambled.  You place your order in the kitchen ahead of time, stating how many you want to have of each kind.  I was told by my father that in my family the record was somewhere around 12 eggs per person.

Rockville and Pinneberg Fire Departments

RSCC has been made aware of the planned retirement ceremony for the Pinneberg Fire Chief and that members of the RVFD are planning to travel to Pinneberg in September 2014 to participate in this event.  Just another example of our two cities' "People-to-People" emphasis!

Photo Sale!

Photos from the recent Pinneberg Fotokreis exhibit at the Rockville Senior Center during October 2013 were generously offered to the Rockville Sister City Corporation by our friends in Pinneberg for sale to enthusiasts and those who appreciate fine photography.

Each photo is matted and ready for framing - a fine addition to your living room or den - and your purchase is fully tax-deductible as a donation to Rockville Sister City Corporation (a 501(c)(3) entity).

All photos are approximately 15-1/2 x 11-1/2 inches; matted at ~ 20 x 16 inches

For pricing and more details, please click here

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Paid members of RSCC are eligible for a discounted annual rate of $17.95 (vs regular subscription rate for one year - 6 issues - of $24.95) when subscribing to German Life Magazine.  Here is the form you should use:

German Life is a high-quality, highly interesting magazine about life and culture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  We hope you will take advantage of this extraordinary offer, as part of your membership in the Rockville Sister City Corporation.

For a preview of German Life magazine go here:  http://GermanLife.com

Travel and Hosting Opportunities

Rockville residents are urged to include Pinneberg on their itinerary whenever traveling in Europe. The Rockville Sister City relationship is very well known in Pinneberg, and you are bound to receive a special welcome when you mention Rockville.

Frequently, students and other visitors from Pinneberg seek short-term accommodations in Rockville.  Residents who are interested in hosting visitors from our Sister City Pinneberg or our Friendship City Jiaxing are encouraged to volunteer.

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Corporate Sponsors - Calendar Year 2014
The Rockville Sister City Corporation gratefully wishes to acknowledge the following Corporate Sponsors.
Please remember our Sponsors in your shopping and professional travels.


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The JBG Companies
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The Finest Performance Foundation, Inc.


15 Clemson Court, Rockville, MD  20850

Sigy's Service Center
BMW Specialist


110 Crabb Ave., Rockville, MD  20850
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Rockville-Twinbrook Real Estate
Victor Llewellyn, Contact


Phone:  301-807-4575  or  301-424-0900 ext 113    



Law Office of Thomas K. Brown, LLC
22 West Jefferson Street Suite 401, Rockville, MD  20850
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To find out more about the Rockville Sister City Corporation, please contact

Rockville Sister City Corporation
Rockville City Hall
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or  RSCC Information Line at (240) 314-5029
or  Brigitta Mullican (RSCC President) at (301) 230-0890
or  via E-mail: rockvillesistercities@gmail.com

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