Charity, Unity, Fraternalism and Patriotism. Charity, Unity, Fraternalism and Patriotism. Charity, Unity, Fraternalism and Patriotism. Charity, Unity, Fraternalism and Patriotism.
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We are proud to announce victory on the Broome CRC building issue. Many thanks to the neighbors who pitched in to make this possible.

Please support Twinbrook businesses and the PTSA (Meadow Hall and Twinbrook).

Date: 2015 - Some developers say we need Smart Growth, Richard says we need the Right Size Growth.

Date: April 2015 - Richard Gottfried and the rest of the TCA board are reelected. Thanks to everyone who showed up on Tuesday to vote. The results were Gottfried 29 votes and Crow 9 votes. Click here for Election Summary by Rockville Nights

Date: May 2015 -   Here is an update to the lewis ave crime prevention from LT. Merritt
  Just wanted to provide you the current updates since our last communications.
  1. The shrubs that line the walkway on Lewis Avenue have been trimmed down below the fence line.
  2. The meters on Lewis Ave., from Rockland to Halpine will begin being changed to 25 cents near the end of the month - early June. Moving right along - the meters have been changed to be operational for 12 hours at 25 cents an hour along Lewis Avenue, hopefully, this will bring more eyes to the area near the metro.
  3. The City Transportation Office has requested additional lighting from Pepco to be placed on the wooden poles leading from Holland to Rockland.
  4. The turn around requested in the area of Halpine and the dead end of Lewis has been denied. A short term Kiss & Ride along the road next to the metro from Halpine to the dead end of Lewis is now being considered.
  If you have any questions don't hesitate to give me a call.
  LT Ron Merritt -   Rockville City Police Department - -   Office: 240-314-8964

Date: May 2015 -   The Twinbrook Neighborhood helped get Howard at Safeway his job back.

Date: July 2015 -
  Twinbrook Library will Close for Refresh Project. Saturday, July 25. for four and a half months.
  Two small conference rooms will be created;, some interior public spaces, including the circulation and information
  service desks, will be rearranged; the children's picture book area will be repainted and public restrooms will be
  modernized, among other improvements. Twinbrook is the first of our branches to be modernized. Every year to 2 or 3 of our
  library branches will be updated. The Twinbrook Library bookdrop will remain open for returns through Thursday, August 13.
  Customers may use other nearby branches, such as Rockville Memorial and Aspen Hill Libraries. Branch hours and locations
  can be found at:
  For assistance in managing accounts during the closed period, customers can call Ask A Librarian at 240 777-0001.
  For further information, contact Carol Legarreta at 240 777-0030 or carol.legarreta
  or Will Wheeler

Date: Nov 2015 -      Rockville Nov 3rd Election Results:
     Mayor - Bridgit Donnell Newton = 4,156 Got elected
     Mayor - Sima Osdoby = 2,216
     Council - Beryl Feinberg = 3,448   Got elected
     Council - Julie Palakovich-Carr= 2,998   Got elected
     Council - Mark Pierzchala = 2,799   Got elected
     Council - Virginia Onley = 2,752   Got elected
     Council - Rich Gottfried = 2,457
     Council - Patrick Schoof = 2,425
     Council - Brigitta Mullican = 2,415
     Council - David Hill = 2,353
     Council - Clark Reed = 2,283

Date: Dec 2015 -
   Hi Twinbrook Neighbors
   In order to increase our rating on, the TCA is asking that you rate and post a comment
   regarding either the Twinbrook Elementary School and or Meadow Hall Elementary School.
   Please forward this link to all of your neighbors, post on your facebook page and or on your twitter account.
   Let's spread the word.
   Together Neighbors, Teachers, Parents and kids can increase OUR rating in OUR Neighborhood!

   Thanks, Richard Gottfried   TCA President

Date: Jan 2016 -
   Rk residents and friends are invited to a special edition of the Rockville Science Center's monthly Science Cafe to be
   held on January 19, 2016 from 6 pm to 8 pm. This special evening is to celebrate a new partnership of the RSC with
   US Pharmacopiea (a Rockville-based non-profit). RSC has efforts to build a state-of-the-art science center in the
   City of Rockville. A reception will be held from 6 pm, with a lecture by Dr. Michael Ackerman to follow at 7 pm.
   The location will be at the USP headquarters on the attached invitation. We hope that a good showing will
   demonstrate our city's needs for a science center, and as there will be a number of elected officials on hand,
   it is a great opportunity to connect with them as well and get this message across. Click to see Flyer
   Feel free to contact Tracy Dove 443-695-1013 anytime with questions - and make sure to RSVP early!

Date: 5/1/17 -    Sign the Petition ( to have the Broome athletic park softball fields be available for
   the public use like the Recreation and Parks Department does for the tennis courts, playgrounds & basketball courts.
   Currently, the softball fields are locked up all of the time except for when the softball league games are held.
   We are requesting that the softball fields be available all of the time for recreational use.

Date: 8/1/17 -   Twinbrook National Night Out Block Party   Organized by Twinbrook Neighborhood Watch Group,
  TB Swimming Pool and TB Citizens Association. Entrance is free, Swim for $6, Moon bounce, deserts
  and food truck. Grills for cooking. Contact Brigitta at   Flyer
  Bring your family and a picnic. Open to all TB Residents. Please share the date with your neighbors.

  Join us for National Night Out Food, friendly people, community outreach
  by local agencies, fire dept rides, police cars, face painting and MORE!
  Come meet your neighbors and make a new friend!
  6:00pm- 8:00pm Twinbrook Baptist Church  1001 Twinbrook Parkway

Date: 9/1/17 -     Patrons of Rockville's bars and restaurants will no longer be able to smoke in outdoor serving areas in the city,
  following a vote on a prohibition by the Mayor and Council at their Monday, May 22 meeting. Enforcement of the
  smoking/vaping ban will be conducted by the City of Rockville Police Department. Currently, the fine is $1,000 per
  violation, which is the maximum allowed by state law. In October 2015, the Mayor and Council voted unanimously
  to follow Montgomery County code, allowing a countywide ban on smoking and vaping to apply to city property,
  including city parks, community centers, Redgate Golf Course and all city facilities.

Date: March 2018 -   Police Issues: Since the TCA officers are just Volunteer citizens, please call the Rockville Police
  with problems - 240-314-8900. Acting Chief of Police Bob Rappaport -
  Also keep the police informed about shady characters on the bike path from Viers Mill Road to the Community
  Recreation Center. This path winds up and behind the 7/11, Twinbrook Pool, and parallels Twinbrook Parkway.
  City Community Meeting - In response to complaints from neighbors of loitering, possible illegal activity etc.
  City staff and officers look forward to meeting with neighbors to learn more about their concerns & hear feedback.