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We have been collecting images of the Town Center development since October 1, 2004.  We have one image for every hour.  We had a few hiccups with the system during that time, but we now have almost 20,000 images.  We have the images separated by year.  We also separated out all the noon time images.

Noon time images from October 1, 2004 through December 24, 2006: 
ArchiveNoon.zip (28MB -- it will take a while to download this file)
ArchiveNoonClean.zip -- processed images (51MB -- it will take longer to download this file)

In December of 2004 we tried several time lapse techniques with the images from October 2004.  Here is what we developed back then.

Ben Creitz - october.mpg (2,920KB)
Bob Ekman - October-slow-large.wmv (1,496KB), October-quick-small.wmv (660KB)
Created with Windows Movie Maker
Dean Fiala - RockNetOctSm.avi (890KB)
Glen Walker - timelapse.html (3,691KB - all files)
Created with only HTML JavaScript
Helen Triolo - timelapse.swf (212KB - all files)
Created with Macromedia Flash
Roald Schrack - octsite.mov (997KB)
Created with Quicktime Pro
Stan Klein - october04.mpg (258KB)
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